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We help rightsholders like yourself increase revenues by giving you the tools to reach out to and get to know all of your customers thanks to the industry's first-ever Super App.

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If you are a rightsholder of a ticketed Live Event, have you ever had the feeling you're missing out on revenues created by your event's ecosystem?

In other words, you're owning the event that's drawing thousands of ticketed sales into the venue. But you see only a fraction of the overall purchase touchpoints. And that means ancillary revenue leakage, missing or inaccessible data engagement and an inability to know who your customers are.

If your customers are buying what they need to go to a Live Event in someone else's ecosystem, how can you communicate with those customers, reward and incentivise them and treat them as the stakeholders they really are. FORTIUS is here to help.

We're a joint venture between two industry leaders, Dentsu Sports International a unit of Dentsu, and DAIMANI.



The key is simplicity: literally putting into your customers' hands a bespoke Super App that combines and aggregates your own inventory with purchasable third-party inventory from across the wider travel and experiences industry.



For the first time your own customer groups will have the chance to see, earn and transact via your bespoke Super App not just once or twice a month but every moment of every day.

White Label


The operating system supports a suite of modules and applications – together called gamesCHNGR – that offer an industry-first white-label solution designed around the needs of sports, music and cultural event rightsholders.

FORTIUS is built to put your customers – loyal to your event, team or organisation - at the heart of everything we do.

Designed to drive demand through a bespoke platform across all products and communication channels across the world to transform your customers’ event experience.

And to deliver a simple selling proposition that allows you to take control of the ecosystem you have created.

Event and Service Partners

Service Partners

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What we can do for you

FORTIUS’ DNA is forged from deep and vast expertise. With a long history of engaging with the industry’s most significant commercial rightsholders we understand the operating and investment challenges. And working with customers across the world on so many different events allows us to understand what they’re crying out for.

  • Operational Experience
  • Customer & Guest Data
  • Marketing & Services
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Commerce

What we have built

  • For Eventpartners
  • For Users

Through the gamesCHNGR Super App, we can drive your fans’ match-day and non-match day revenue- and engagement streams. Your customers can see, earn and transact more, and on the other side of the Super App you can engage with them on your own terms.

We combine the products and services surrounding your event that are most relevant. So, you get a 360° view of your customers and their uniquely created accounts and 24/7 access via analytics and reports.

Products and Services for your event

FORTIUS provides an all in one Super App for your favourite event, team or organisation. You can get all you need from a straightforward aggregator App:

FORTIUS Super-App Mockup FORTIUS Super-App Mockup FORTIUS Super-App Mockup FORTIUS Super-App Mockup FORTIUS Super-App Mockup FORTIUS Super-App Mockup
Travel & Accommodation
Restaurants & Experiences
Itinerary Builder
Social Media & Fan Forum
Personalized Profile

Take your event to the next level

If you would like to talk through how FORTIUS can work with you, get to know more about us or you’re ready to take your event to the next level then please do get in touch with our team.

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